This is possibly the most profound thing I have heard in a long time. (Probably because I love creativity, and to me, creativity is taking the overly complicated and making it simple.) Let that phrase roll in your brain a bit.

In my opinion–people become amazing through consistency powered by a strong mission, vision, value. And consistency does don’t imply expert in any way, nor does it imply experience in any way, nor does it imply correctness in any way. Consistency is about doing.

The things we KNOW to do are the things we NEED to do. So tell me this: what do you need to do?

I bet if you started. Actually, no “ifs” today…start: write down the things you know to do. My bet is that if you make a system out of accomplishing these things–whatever you are aiming for is a near bullseye outcome.

Here is what I know to be true from experience:

  1. Start. (be quick to move…take your list and make it a plan)
  2. Run the Play. (give time to the activities and allow the results to blossom)
  3. Discover. (what is the purpose in choosing these tasks over better tasks…if results are blossoming in the appropriate time necessary, then evaluate)
  4. Speed of the Play. (find ways to run the play faster: routines, habits, systems)
  5. Accuracy of the Play. (think in conversion ratios and growth opportunities by moving percentage points in the right direction)
  6. Evolve/Leverage. (can you be better by helping others get better)
This is what the cycle feels like to me. I start, I run the play, I usually hit discovery in the first cycle, I start over, I run the play with more understanding, I consider speed and accuracy, I move again into discovery, and depending on my needs I start over again with tweaked direction or I move into evolution/leverage which will also require a new start.