Many of us have a desire to fix things with more. More is a broken strategy because more is always linked to more, more. In case that didn’t land: doing more begets doing more until the vessel breaks.  

The most basic picture I can show you is with time. We all have the same 24 hrs a day. I can choose to sleep, I can choose to do personal tasks, or I can choose to do business tasks. 

sleep + business + personal = 24hrs *side note at the end

7 (S) + 6 (B) + 11 (P) = 24hrs

If there is a challenge in my business: I need to invest more time to get more business to grow revenue. More=I can make more calls to get more business. I spend an hour on calls every day. Simple, I’ll spend two hours on my calls every day. 

7 (S) + 7 (B)(extra hour of calls) +11 (P) = 25hrs

The math doesn’t work. 

Now Randy, let’s be fair. I would just cut out something I am doing in my business to make up the hour and focus there. And I would agree. Yet, many of us would consider everything we do as essential in our schedule, and not cut. 

Here is what I observe all the time:

  1. I am doing pretty well.
  2. My version of good is getting somewhat depressed.
  3. I’ll do more. (by cutting into personal time or sleep)
  4. My this-version-of-more is now running out of juice.
  5. Who is doing more than my more?
  6. Perfect, Ill emulate your version of more and get the more that you more.
  7. Randy, can you help me? This doesn’t seem to be working.
  8. Why don’t we look at your systems and find where we can get better or leverage some things.
  9. I don’t have time for that.

More is never really an option. It’s all about better and leverage. How can I do this better to give me the time to do that? How can I leverage this to provide me with time to do that? 

Give up more and start CHUNKING your life into better. We are all spending the same 24hrs.

SOAP BOX: I will tell you this as a side note, there seems to be a disease with more. People want to have the biggest stash of more to talk about how more they are than you. They want their more awards. A more award is like saying, look at me; I am the fattest person alive. Where is the meaning behind our strives for more? If you don’t have a proper answer for that, then you are on a slippery slope to losing purpose in your life.


The next step to this equation is to break down our time management. That is still a “better” conversation, not a “more” conversation. My 11hrs of personal time will be filled with eating, playing, self-love, coffee breaks, bathroom breaks, and on and on. I can certainly start better and leverage by having intentional balance in my schedule.

In the video below, I explain a bit more on HOW TO “better” and “leverage.” (Calendars, Conversion Rations, and Leverage)