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RORE is part of the largest global brand in real estate. With over 160,o00 agents we are a connected network of solutions. KW is about mission statement is  about building careers worth having, businesses worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and legacies worth leaving. Keller Williams is a technology company that provides the Real Estate platform that our agents’ buyers and sellers prefer. Keller Williams thinks like a top producer, acts like a trainer-consultant, and focuses all its activities on service,  productivity, and profitability. KW Platinum get to tap into that resource and provide a coveted experience to all consumers. 

LEading with Culture

RORE is setting the bar for real estate professionals to lead their businesses with culture. The most important resource in our world is the human element. We focus on relationship and not just transactions. We walk with our clients through the process. We advocate. Randy is serious about giving back to his community through small businesses, local & abroad charitable organizations, and serves on a regional committee with KW to ensure social change in the professional sector of real estate. Giving back is the gift we give in reciprocation for the blessing we receive through our time here on earth. 

Applying proven systems

Real estate shouldn’t be done for you, it should be done with you. Randy Olive Real Estate is here to be WITH you—bringing simple to the real estate transaction so you can feel enabled. We are the proof of possible. Our systems are organized and set apart to ensure a smooth transaction. We base our business off of proven models established by millionaire real estate agents and accounted for in the book Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller.

RORE is the modern real estate company with foundations in proven models so that creativity can exist into the client experience. 

Narrating the Story

Every story has a voice and a hero. We believe that you are the hero to this story. We are here to help narrate and walk with you through your story: advocating for you along the way. Our goal is that you would be so enthralled by your experience with Randy Olive Real Estate that you would tell the world the story of your experience. 

Our promise is to care for you. And it would be our honor to serve your friends and family with their real estate needs. 


Randy Started Real estate in 2015 where he quickly rose as a top agent. In 2016 he was awarded as one of Houston’s top 20 under 40. In 2017 he ventured into brokerage leadership helping lead it to top 500 brokerages according to real trends: 11th in Top 5 year movers by sales volume %, 11th in top 5-year movers by Transaction %, 246 Overall Rank by Transaction and 341 Overall Rank by VOLUME (over 106,000 brokerages in the US). Before venturing back into production, Randy was awarded the top honor as Keller Williams brokerage Team Leader. 



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You’ll always be kept in the loop. From listing to closing, you’ll know the status of our marketing efforts, the offers on the table and the steps leading to a successful closing once an offer is accepted. We’ll agree on the communication method that works best for you.



The complexities of your real estate transaction will be well-handled. Smoothing the way for your listing and sale, I will capably remove many potential challenges before they have the opportunity to appear.


Your home will get the exposure it deserves. My marketing systems maximize your property’s exposure to buyers. I track the neighborhood activity so I am reaching active buyers.


Your home will be priced right, adjusted as needed, and will sell quickly. With a keen understanding of both the big picture and the very latest local and neighborhood listing and sales data, the information you need is at my fingertips.


Your home will put its best foot forward. Homes sell because of correct pricing and great presentation. I know what it takes to make the terrific first impression that will get your home sold.


Our relationship is dependent on meeting and exceeding your needs. We identify those needs together, and work together to have you 100% satisfied with the whole transaction.


I have always felt that I hit my mental age cap at about 12 years old. I think the stupidest things are hilarious, I am always on the go, when my feet hit the floor I am annoyingly awake, and I joke all the time that spending time with me is exhausting. It has to be, I am exhausted by myself. 🙂 I love spending time with people. It is truly my passion to see people achieve the greatness that is within them. We are all build with this God string tying us to something bigger than our flesh and bones. I want to be a catalyst to unlock that within us. #bettertogether

The thing that saved my life was becoming a husband. I never realized, until I met Ellen, that I had created deteriorating foundations on which to stand. I was too chameleon and not on purpose for much. She shows me what a true relationship is. She is personified grace. She is the reason I have been able to be so creative in my adult life. Ellen encourages it—and with a certain accountability/responsibility, pushes me to jump into my dreams without inhibition. We are one.

Dad is my favorite name. I have two kiddos: Adam Armour Olive (who carries the name of three generations of Ellen’s family) and Willow Beth Olive (who carries a derivative of a key patriarch in Ellen’s family and Beth from the two families who have helped Ellen and I grow in marriage throughout the years).

I am a believer—I have a rocky relationship with my faith in God. Not that he isn’t faithful, but rather I am not consistent in drinking from that well. However, my challenges in this do not do not take anything away form the fact that my faith is in the unseen. I have encountered miracles. I am a miracle. And LOVE is inexplicable without the God thread. Love is truly God. I truly understood that at a high level the day my son was born. You cannot deny God when you wrestle with love.

Freedom is by far my favorite word. Reject the tyranny of being picked, pick yourself (Godin). One thing that I have learned as my leadership has grown is to live in the space of being in control, not controlling. There is a fine balance there. It’s mostly putting yourself in a position to not be at the default of anyone else. Do not rely on the actions of anyone to move yourself forward. I truly want to be in a space to help people realize freedom in their business to have a big life—not one that is reliant.

I have had a myriad of careers, not just jobs, that have each catapulted me into the next level. I started out in the church world working with students, moved into the world of non-prof: starting one that failed and rebranding one part time, to starting a photography business, to working with Paul Mitchell the School in Houston, to an oil and gas service company, to an oil and gas frac company, to real estate agent, and now team leader for a brokerage of 243 agents (and growing). My business acumen has been inherited from the mentors and leaders I served in each of those spaces. I am grateful to have had each experience—their differences in business sector have brought perspective to my leadership.

My goal in life is to be inspirational to those around me. I want to leave a legacy bigger than arms length. I am naive enough to believe I can impact this world—so I am going to!

The timeline:

1982: Born in suburbs of Atlanta; second of 3
2000: Graduated from Lovejoy Highschool and left for UGA
2001: Started working for the church
2004: Moved to Texas for an internship with mega church
2007: Married Ellen
2009: Resigned from church/started non-prof/started photo business
2010: Started working for PMTS Houston
2013: Started working with oil and gas service co
2014: Started working with oil and gas frac company
2015: Started working as realtor
2016: Adam Armour Olive was born
2017: Shifted up into brokerage Team Leader
2018: Willow Beth Olive was born
2020: Create Randy Olive Real Estate company
2021: Baby Number 3