Set your intentions. This is really important.

Setting your intentions corrects the feeling of fear (in most situations). Now, let’s understand and realize that I am not a trained professional in psychology, sociology, or certified-brain-person, but what I do know is experience. I am in and out of everyday life just like you. We have similar experiences. There are good days, and there are bad days. The ebb and flow of life hit me just the same. So, I write this not as a professional but as an experiencer of life.

When I have a fear that complicates my movement towards a goal, I look in the rearview mirror, and I check my intentions. If I am true to myself and my mission vision values, then fear is as fleeting. For me to be free from fear: my intentions should be pure and valid.

I have a fear I will be rejected: if my intentions are virtuous, then the fear turns into comfort because I am doing the right things. That allowed the other person to figure out what was best for them. I wasn’t rejected. It was readiness. My intentions were in check; they weren’t ready.

I have a fear of being taken advantage of. If my intentions are in the right place, I cannot be taken advantage of because what I have to give I give freely.

I fear being wrong: if my intentions are in line, there is no wrong. Its all discovery. Consider this. Were you wrong before? Did you learn? Then were you wrong, or did you discover? And in your discovery, can you share to help shape others to be better? If my intentions are not to be right (winning an argument or politic-ing my point), “right or wrong” then turns into curiosity.

I am just checking off some basic fears and looking at them through the lens of intention. The fears that block us from achievement are in the wrong seat. We allow them to take the driver’s seat. Healthy fear is good to have on the bus. Just get it out of the driver’s seat by setting your intention. You got this!

Side note: Fear often comes from a space of judgment. Oddly enough, that judgment is our interpretation of how others might judge us. (Yes you need to reread that sentence.) We tell ourselves a story that has no validity. Stop making up stories that aren’t true, set your intentions, and live in the meaning for which you were created. 🙂

How to Set Intentions: