But the life we give them does. 

Yesterday I felt overcome with a feeling of despair. It wasn’t quite the feeling you get when there isn’t anything left to do. It was more like the feeling you get when you have spent your energy and then realized the gain of that was so insignificant. 

Its how I might equate anyone in the middle of a weight loss challenge. There is a moment in the middle of where your body begins to reshape. In those days, the needle doesn’t seem to move much. ANd you are investing a lot of your time and effort. 

And all of a sudden you are left with this moment of: is it worth the effort every day. 

 When I look out at the goal, the answer is yes. 

 When I look at the feeling of the moment, the answer is no. 

Looking out at the goal:

Again, the goal does not have feelings. The life we breathe into it does. I realized yesterday that when the days are hard and the feelings are flooding in to consume my activity—I have to look at the life I gave my goal. That is the kicker for me to be defibrillated from my apathy. When the faces of my goal come to mind, I can begin to pick up a bit back into the activities. There is a warrior quality to picking yourself up on bad days and doing “it” anyways. 

Looking at the feeling of the moment:

This is where so many of us fall because the present feeling is more intense than the future. Let’s consider the title. If my goals don’t have feelings, then they don’t care how I feel. So at what point would my “feeling” be validated by my goal? It won’t; an unfeeling thing cannot validate our feelings. The juxtaposed thought then is that if we breathe life into our goals, then feeling in the moment is weaker than the strength of my cause. The feeling in the moment is weaker than the strength of your cause. 

Battling our feelings in the moment is all easier said than done. There will be days where you cannot climb out of the waves crashing in on you. You will spin and spin and spin. We have to build our goals, our causes, clear enough and bright enough to see amid our foggy emotions. 

How to give life to your goals: