I tell people often the most powerful tool in your toolbelt is consistency. I will take consistency over expert any day. AND I find that most people who rise to the top tend to be consistent more than anything else. It’s like the story of the tortoise and the hair. Aesop (or whoever wrote it) got it right. The turtle created a consistent fight that rewarded him with the win in the end. We, too, find that our successes come at the end of consistency. 

The beautiful thing about consistency is the same beautiful thing that happens with compound interest. It builds momentum. Momentum is a pretty remarkable thing. Think about it: an exercise ball rolled into me from very little space between will be just random ding. Roll the same ball down a hill for 100 yards, and it will create quite a different bang. Doing a little exercise here for a few days will not have much of an effect, but give it momentum building consistency, and abs are just around the corner…then pecks and quads and triceps and other ceps I don’t even know exists. OR let us take the money equations. Start being consistent with your profitability and watch that momentum carry you into wealth building at its best. 

Consistency builds momentum. Momentum is powerful. If I were a strong man (and I am not) and could pull a car towards me at the end of a chain: the first few steps don’t do much, but the consistency of those steps over time will build momentum. And me, the same guy that started that car moving, after building momentum, would not be able to stop the force I created—pretty intriguing thought when applied to our lives. Once you generate consistency in your life, and it builds into momentum, it takes a pretty strong opposing force to derail momentum.

Momentum feels the same way a win does. And wins keep us coming back. When we win, we undoubtedly move back onto the playing field for the next victory. That continuous stepping onto the playing field is consistency. Consistency builds momentum builds consistency. The cycle continues.

So just start. Get in the game of consistency first. 🙂

Click the below video if you want some practical “how-to” create consistency!