One of the sayings I live by is: change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. I hope this hits you in a space today that shows you what is possible.

What happens when we start to look through a different lens?

  1. People become people…I believe, in almost every scenario of life, people are doing the best with what they have. If we begin to gander at life through this lens, then we drop judgment. When judgment is dropped curiosity can set in. When curiosity is present we give the benefit of the doubt. With the benefit of the doubt: people become people. Our expectations of people dwindle. And therein lie relationships. Here is my caveat. You control the time and energy you spend in this world. Changing the way you look at things and the things you look at change DOESN’T REQUIRE RELATIONSHIP but it does open the box. It is humanizing all situations. At my worst, I am glad people could understand my perspective. There are those in your life that desperately need you to just take their perspective into account.
  2. We gain empathy in all things…We have to pick up empathy if we are willing to change the way we look at things. Cousins to the word empathy are affinity, appreciation, compassion, insight, pity, rapport, sympathy, warmth, communion, comprehension, concord, recognition, responsiveness, and soul. Every single one of these words is a deeper calling word. (As in, there is a story or a question behind the question. When we change the way we look at things to gain a perspective of the things we look at changing the result is enlightenment drawing strength from empathy.
  3. Care becomes a necessity…Lastly, care is crossroads. I do care. Or I don’t care. Know this: I am not wrong for caring, and I am not wrong for not caring. Changing the way we look at things and the things we look at change IS a choice. That choice is a certainty. We get to pick what where we care. The picking defines us. It builds our core values. No one is wrong for caring in the space of core values and choosing not to care when something falls outside of their core values. Resonate.

How do I change the way I look at things:

  1. Ask: where is the story in this/what story is being told by this?
  2. We can’t control our first response, but we can control the second. The second is where change happens.
  3. Ask: what is really going on here?