#bettertogeher is my mantra for business. As a matter of fact, I have laced into my mission vision values statement. 

Mission: To cause thinking that effects “better” by inspiring and collaborating with people. 

Vision: To engineer a platform that disciples a #bettertogether mindset.

Values: Where ability, vision, and passion meet freedom, purpose, and movement: STORY.

Why is #bettertogether so important? (at least to me)


Better is about growth. If we live in a way that is always about better, we are enabling ourselves to be in continual forward motion. Better cannot happen while we are still. And here is a clever thought about growth towards better; it is like a molting crawfish or snake shedding its skin. We are evolving in our growth, not just adding more rings. When we live in better, we are continually reframing ourselves. 


There are a few things in the idea of together. 

1. TRIBE: I have my need for safety and belonging covered, which means I can move up the ladder of my hierarchical needs for a meaningful life.

2. CROWDSOURCING: “Together” is building experiential knowledge and best practices. (Not theory or book smarts.) We gain the ability to stand on the shoulders of giants.

3. CULTURE: Together is where culture happens. In my opinion, culture is our values aligning. Aligned values = strong relationships.


It is just good business sense. We didn’t get here alone, so let’s continue together. We are all living an epic.

ep·​ic | \ ˈe-pik \

Definition of epic

a long narrative poem in elevated style recounting the deeds of a legendary or historical hero

A lot of #bettertogether happens in an epic. Join me. 

Except from Simon Sinek talking “Together is Better”