Do you care?
Can you help me?
Can I trust you?

Every follower should be asking their leaders these three questions. (This is not my original idea, and I am not aware of its origin to give credit.)

And here is my additional thought to this concept. Anyone who chooses to be a leader should be open to being measured by these questions daily. Likewise, anyone following leadership should be willing to measure their leaders by these three questions daily.

We all have responsibility within leadership: to ask more of those who choose to lead us and the wherewithal to be accountable to these three questions as a leader.

The reason these questions are so important, in my opinion: leaders should be building other leaders. Otherwise, we aren’t being led; we are being coddled.

Saying all this, there is one tiny little caveat: expectations. A great leader will set expectations early. If you a challenge with your leader—spot-check your grievance with the set expectations. If you are a dog being led by a fish expecting the fish to act like a dog, the challenge is with the dog, not the fish.

How do I evaluate these questions? Click the video for my suggestion.