Embrace Paradigm Shifts

Embrace Paradigm Shifts

When you can.

Shift has become a common business buzzword as of late. Being in real estate, it’s literally always a subject. So I am jumping on the bandwagon to talk about shift.

However, I am not as concerned over whether people have prepared their businesses for market shift. That is an old tired tale. The equation for a shifting market is simple: know the data, review your financials, and do the activities to produce the results. There is your master class on market shifts. Every book and or conference you go to will travel down that road and attempt to give you specialized help for a cost.

My goal is to encourage you to embrace paradigm shifts. A paradigm is an example or pattern especially as a model that we all accept as the norm. It’s legitimately the task of your job. “It has always been done this way and so this is the way I will do it.” We can emulate each other’s businesses to gain similar results, and be happy. Yet, what ultimately happens is a paradigm is hanging out in the cheap seats enjoying the game: watching us all scramble to be different in a paradigm that forces us to be alike. Then one day, paradigm sneaks down to be game level. We don’t quite notice, but he is talking to the batboy of the other team. The batboy comes back with the manager. They talk for a bit. You notice but in your head you think–autographs.

What happened was the paradigm has been watching for some time and has picked up on all of your patterns. He knows your game. He has a theory. The next inning the other team seems to be hitting more of your pitches and getting on base more often. Now don’t get me wrong. Your’e still performing well. Hitting all the balls that come your way, catching all the outs, and running all the bases. The other team just seems to be edging you slowly but surely. And you are losing so slowly you feel like you could win.

We concede to the paradigm a loss, but refuse to dig into the change. We are in utter disbelief that the common guy sitting in the cheap seats could every make his way to the elite players on the field and have any sort of impact.

Paradigms are happening all around you in your life. And the beautiful thing is that it is all equal opportunity to embrace the change. Technology is now speeding paradigms so fast that the moment we feel we have caught up, we are already behind. We have to be in future tense watching whats going on around us. We have to embrace the paradigm shifts.

How do we embrace these paradigms?

  1. Pay attention to the person in the cheap seats with a brilliant idea. As crazy as it may sound: they may be on to something.
  2. Weed out the old task lists in your world and evaluate if there is something that could make that task easier or obsolete. It’s the concept of the one thing. (I have links to the one thing podcast on my homepage).
  3. Create space for you to think. We have lost the art of thinking. Schedule time to clear your mind to work on your business.
  4. Implement little changes that can make the biggest impact. Start with a list of 6-10 things. 1 you will implement immediately, 1 you will implement next week, 1 you will implement by the end of the month, and schedule out the remaining over 6 months.
  5. Help someone else get ahead. Help enough people get what they want and you will always seem to have what you need. The paradigms that I have been conscious enough to embrace early and that had the biggest impact on my business have ALL came from a space of giving away my own world of expertise, knowledge, training, secret sauce etc… We are all #bettertogether

We are beyond the era of “it’ll never work that way” because there are entire industries that have become invalid in just the past ten years.

I started with a little subtitle: when you can. Because for many of us it might just be too late.

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