Toilet Time aka Use Your Brain

Toilet Time aka Use Your Brain

First of all I am a boy, and secondly I think I am hilarious. So of course I am going to use potty humor at every opportunity I get.

I actually use this idea a lot when speaking to people about their businesses. We aren’t taking enough toilet time in our lives aka we aren’t using our brains to think. We get caught up in the business of our businesses and bypass all the thought processes that got us passionate about what we are doing. It’s the plague of working in the business instead of working on the business.

Unfortunately, toilet time will not happen if you are not scheduling it. Unlike nature, it isn’t going to force its way into your world. You have to pause and schedule the moments you will spend working on your business. (Or lives in general.) This is in all honestly why coaching works so well. Coaching forces us to think about our business/lives, answer questions about our business/lives and have someone to hold us accountable to more than just lip service.

I am going to imagine that you have notebooks full of great intentions that will never come to fruition–trainings, seminars, books, classes, etc.. that filled us with inspiration. BUT life grabs us by the horns and puts us in the submission game of task.

It’s really simple to get more toilet time in your life:

  1. Calendar it. If it is not on your calendar it doesn’t exist. AND you will more than likely have to do it at the butt crack of dawn because your mind is clear and responsive without the distractions of our habitual activities.
  2. Mediate to slow down in the first 5 minutes. Just simple breathing or more intense if you are trained.
  3. Be ready to receive and record all ideas. Some great jogging questions: What do I want? What will that get you? How will you know when you have it?
  4. Put on thing into action RIGHT away. Don’t leave the bathroom without washing your hands: don’t work on your business without putting something into play immediately.
  5. Actually 4.1 if you have a longer list…go for the top three and order them like this. One thing I will implement immediately (see #4), one thing I will implement within the next two weeks, and one thing I will implement in the next 30 days.

The frequency of your movement is up to you. The necessity of the movement is RED ALERT. We are too often working to get ahead when in reality we are on a hamster wheel. Get better at growing by being intentional about evaluating where you are and where you want to be. Spend more time thinking on your business. You will find out that you are pretty damned good and a lot more capable than you realized.

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