Food For Thought Budget

Food For Thought Budget

Man. This year has been pretty phenomenal for Ellen and I. We are finally living in a pretty strict budge with some big spending goals for the future of our sweet little nest.

We shrunk our food/grocery budget down from an average of $1200 to $800 including all our household, beauty, and non-consumable items generally purchased at a grocery.

First–this is hard stuff. Like not fun. Second–it’s totally possible.

Zipping up our budget started with meal planning to the nth degree. We wasted so much money in the food we wasted. Poor planning from meal to meal meant lots of food souring in our fridge. We are BIG healthy eating people. So our fridge is full of fresh and mostly organic food. We eat very little processed. Which meant if we didn’t have another use to carry over produce it usually ended up in the trash.

I planned out dinners for the full month. I created a menu that the family could pick its meals from. AND I made sure the menu was connected with ingredients that would bleed into new meals. (For example–the rotisserie chicken was stripped so the white meat could go to Adam’s lunch and dinner protein, the dark meat saved for use in either purple hull pea stew or chicken tortilla soup, and the carcass was boiled down to make broth for said stew/soups: and every meal blended in that way.)

The NUMBER one thing for us was to get purposeful on our spending and shave off the sluff because we were still going to buy the ingredients we loved. We did not move to discount items to help shave down the budget. Karigold butter is a must, Ellen’s protein powder for her morning meals is a $40 bucket that we burn through, Siggis is our yogurt of choice, organic apples are a must, organic eggs are not negotiable, all our milk is almond milk, and we only buy organic and if at all possible (for waste sake) fresh meats. We do not skimp. And here is what we found in being that intentional about purchasing with a plan: Ellen and I eat at about $3-$4 per meal and our kiddos about $1.90 per meal. Yea. That’s right. We eat good, fresh, and organic. Currently we are in month three (as of March 2019) of our strict budget–we went over by $25 in January, $0 in Febuary, and $52 in March.

My point is this–its possible to fix your food budget AND still be satisfied. We eat good. I hope you do to. Get in a budget and start planning for your legacy wealth. It’s possible.

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