Okay. First–this is technology I love. If you are like me you have a million notebooks filled with notes form trainings, church, random shit, stuffs, seminars, works, meeting, etc. etc. AND you probably NEVER revisit your notes. OR you have at some point said “where did I write that down”

I’ll just go ahead and say you’re welcome now. This has revolutionized my business. Don’t mean to be dramatic, but for real! The book is erasable so I can file my notes, erase and have only ONE notebook for the rest of my life.

SECONDLY it reads my handwriting and embeds it to the scanned PDF–so my notes are searchable. I can’t tell you how many meeting I need to reference in my notebooks. Which inevitably ensues me flipping through all kinds of nonsense never coming up with the notes.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST–it files it automatically however you want to with the apps that play nice with rocketbook. I have all of mine filed in google drive that way I search and control my notes. No more digging, flipping, or trying to carry a tablet to meetings. Rocketbook is the best. Hands down. Taking old necessary mixed with technology now. So good.

Buy Here!

I prefer the small executive side but if you like a standard notebook size. Click here!

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