Lokai Bracelet

Lokai Bracelet

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This is one of very few jewelry type pieces I wear. I found it by chance and now will have one on my wrist for as long as I have a wrist. The concept is what sold me.

The name “Lokai” was inspired by the Hawaiian word “Lōkahi,” meaning unity and/or harmony. The concept was a bracelet of balance, and each one contains a white bead with water from Mt. Everest and a black bead with mud from the Dead Sea, the highest and lowest points on Earth respectively. The white bead is said to represent life’s highest moments and reminds the wearer to be humble and the black bead represents the difficult moments in life and reminds the wearer to stay hopeful. These beads are said to act as a metaphor for the highs and lows the wearer experiences in life

I love the idea of this. Positive thinking is a big deal to me. I believe in the power of positive and optimism. And this bracelet serves as a quick reminder of that every time I flick my wrist.

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