Where are you going?

Where are you going?

If you would have asked me as a 2nd grader: what do you want to be when you grow up? I would have responded a doctor. When you ask me that same question in high school: a youth pastor. Yet, I would shortly thereafter go to school to major in painting and drawing. Then I would change my major to education, move home, and actually become a youth pastor. From there I moved to across the country to continue being a youth pastor, needed a day job so I sold cell phones inside of Costco, got a real deal youth pastor full time position, started a T-Shirt Design Company called Olive Juice (it failed), started a wedding photography company (which thrived but I dissolved it years later), resigned from student ministry, started a non-profit (it failed), worked at a non-profit as marketing director during its rebranding, left there to become an admissions leader with Paul Mitchell, then their student advisor, then their sales leader, then I got the opportunity to go into oil and gas to hold my first official sales position, leveraged myself into a different oil and gas company, lost my job (thanks oil market crash), and am now thriving in an industry where I have the opportunity to help people purchase their homes (I love being a real estate agent) which has led me to now leading a brokerage of powerhouse agents. To ask me where I was going in any point in my life would have been an insanely different answer. And (this is the point of my meandering) the one thread through all of it is I demanded that every experience make me a better me.

So, Wherever you are going: demand of it the betterment of your self.


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